Ford plastic intake manifold failure settlement

Daisy7January 30, 2006

Is anyone else caught up in this one?

Last summer ours failed, leaving us stranded in the desert in 110° heat, miles from the closest town. Thankfully we were able to use the cell phone and call our son.

It was determined the plastic manifold was at fault and it was replaced. Later, we had a notice in the mail from Ford.

When we contacted the dealership where we bought the car and had replaced the manifold, they told us our 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis was out of warranty and they would not refund the cost of the replacement manifold.

A 1997 model wouldn't still be under the original warrenty, would it? And the only extended warranty they talk about is the one Ford is giving under certain circumstances.

Am I just SOL on this one? I wouldn't be upset except had our cell phone not worked that day, we senior citizens would have surely died by the side of the road.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ford Manifold Settlement

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There is no doubt that you will have to apply the pressure, record work orders, names, dates, all info, and really learn on Ford.
They may succumb...or they may not, IMO, rightfully..

They should know better about using plastics in this environment, its is far too risky..And maybe it was something else, not the plastic directly(but this matters not to the car-owner)....

I read that the warranty was extended to 7 years; after that the consumer pays for his mistake ??

IF this manifold was such a serious problem, Ford should have notified all of the owners of the plastic manifold cars for at least inspection and advice, but then this would have ended up as being the free replacement of manifolds..
Just how long should these parts last, anyway ????

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