Help! Noisy windshield wipers

oceannaJanuary 28, 2011

My windshield wipers are fairly new, maybe 3 months old. Naturally, I tossed the sales slip.

Every time it rains, either I'm blinded by the rain, or if I turn the frequency of the wipers up enough to keep up with the rain they make the most horrendous squawk.

I've cleaned my windshield thoroughly, and also cleaned the blade edges.

Any ideas would be very appreciated, thanks!

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I hate to say, it but its probably the blades. If you are in a cold climate, try changing to a softer, "winter time" blade. If you can find a blade with molded in lubricity, such as teflon in the mix, try that one The elastomer in summer blades is harder and stiffer.

You are certain that it is the blades making the noise and not the wiper motor or mechanism?

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Thanks for your answer, Jemdandy. I'm in the Seattle are, so not overly cold but overly wet. It's the rubber blades squawking on the window. I had no idea there were such things as winter and summer blades! Nevertheless, I'm about to give up on these almost new blades as they are the worst I've ever had.

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had the same problem.Went back to the dealer twice.Said he gave them to me free.Looked at my recite when I got home he still charged me.This is my third pair if thesedon't work I'm going back again.Next time with a man.

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