Just bought the Land Rover LR3.....

momto1January 23, 2006

and it's so fabulous!! I was driving the BMW X-5. It seemed too small, but so many other SUV's were too big. Then I found out about this car/truck/suv, and it was all over. This rig has everything I want. More room, great looks(I know not everyone will agree, but it is distinctive, unlike the poor X-5 which now looks like so many others). It drives like a dream, isn't too big, but has 7 passenger seats. Check it out and see what you think.....

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I just bought the '02 Mazda 2300 truck. It's just fabulous. It's so much better than the 1/2 ton I was driving before. This rig is everything I wanted, economy AND utility. Rides kinda rough, and has a full size spare! Check it out, see what you think!

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Now if this Rover were built in the good ole USA - based on some Ford design, as Ford owns LR , then this is indeed good news..
Also that someone is satisfied is also good - we need more of this..

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Wow timbulb,
That is one sweet ride, good for you!!

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This reminded me of an incident last August at the local grocery store in nearby Manchester, Vermont. A very "old money" town.

I was waiting for my wife when some clown from Connecticut comes plowing into the parking lot in his tricked out Hummer. You know, chrome "brush gards" that'll never see anything more than a lawn, big fat knobby off road tires that'll never see a gravel road in their lifetime, spinners that keep spinning after the truck stops, etc. You get the picture. "HEY LOOKIT ME!!"

Well as Dimbulb is driving in looking for a parking space, there's this little lady maybe in her 70s walking her groceries out. She stops and just watches him go by.

He pulls into a spot and as he walks by her he says "Betcha you never seen nothin' like THAT before, huh?" She smiles and says, "No I can't say I have."

Well it seems he parked right next to her. As ahe puts her groceries into her $90,000 Supercharged Range Rover.

As she is pulling out, I'm laughing and she's probably saying to herself, "The riff raff is here."

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