Is this fishy?

kaidanJanuary 8, 2010

I have a 2003 subaru outback, 4,000 miles ago i had my serpentine belt, water pump, and timing belt replaced. Today I quickly heard a ticking noise, then my car went dead while i was on the highway. I had my car towed to the garage who did the work, the mechanic said that it prob is a thrown rod. I find this kind of wierd, especially with a new timing belt....How would everyone handle this?

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First, eliminate the "probably" and find for sure what failed, and then, take it from there.

If you threw a rod, I'd think you would have heard more than a ticking noise - there should have been a sizeable BANG when the rod let go.

Let's hope that it was something else.

A new timing belt should not have failed that quickly unless, 1) it was defective, or 2) another item caused it to fail. I can think or two things that could have ripped the timing belt:
1. Water pump jammed
2. Belt tensioner failed.

When the timing belt was replaced, you did not mention that the tensioner was replaced.

Its time to thoroughy inspect the engine to find what really failed. If the timing belt let go, check to see if any of the pistons hit a valve. (I'm not familar with this engine; it could be a free turning one.)

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Is this fishy? Not enough info provided to determine that yet. If the belt's still on and the engine is still in time then that service work didn't have anything to do with it.

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next time put more info in title. vague headings like "fishy" are annoying. how many miles on car? how long ago was timing belt done?

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