Safety of cars' keyless entry and ignition systems questioned

dreamgardenJanuary 23, 2010

If you have a vehicle that uses keyless entry then you might find this article of interest.

Safety of cars' keyless entry and ignition systems questioned

By Ralph Vartabedian and Ken Bensinger

January 24, 2010

The technology is popular but quirky and there is no universal standard. Its problems are potentially serious.

A link that might be useful:,0,7044389.story

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I agree. Autos with keyless start and run systems should have a kill switch in a standardized location. To do otherwise is dangerous. And that kill switch should duplicate the mechanical key-switch by having a direct mechanical link that cuts off power to the ignition. Interrupting the coil circuit of a relay (that might be stuck) is not positive enough. Pressing and holding the start buttom for a few seconds just won't do either.

Hang onto your hats and crash helments; There's more in the pipeline. A few well known auto companies are developing steer by wire- that's right - No mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering linkage. Steering is accomplished by all electric drives or an electric-hydrulic arrangement. Does this mean you loose steering if you loose electrical power? I don't know, but I'd have to know a lot about any such systems before I drove it, and then I'd like to restrict it to a track, not a public road. Right now, it seems like a disaster waiting in the wings.

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>>It also benefits older people who have difficulty removing keys from their pockets or turning a key in a lock.Aww.......

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