Blue Star rangetop question

PekeFebruary 9, 2013

My Blue Star rangetop says the following:

"This appliance has been designed to be installed directly against rear walls and side base cabinets. It cannot be installed directly against tall side cabinets, side walls, tall appliances or base cabinets extending beyond 24"."

I understand that it cannot go against anything tall.

My question is: Why does it have to go against the wall? I had wanted to put it 3" from the wall so I would have more space behind the rangetop on the countertop.

I understand I cannot have it inset 3" on a 27" cabinet, but what if it was flush with the front of the 27" cabinet?

Any thoughts? Thanks, Peke

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I do not mean to be rude, but I thought we just explained this for you a short time ago:

Let me try to make this simpler. Blue Star is talking about any walls and cabinets THAT EXTEND ABOVE THE LEVEL OF THE RANGETOP AND THE PARTS OF THE WALLS THAT ARE ABOVE THE LEVEL OF THE RANGETOP AND WHICH ARE WITHIN 6 INCHES HORISONTALLY from the rangetop. Do you plan on having something that (a) is a combustible material such as plaint dry wall or wooden cabinets, and (b) which is taller that the counter in which your rangetop will sit AND (C) stands less than six inches away from the edges of your range top? If so then, YOU MUST either (a) sheath/cover that wall, tall cabinet side with a non-combustible surface such as tile, glass, metal plate etc. or (b) figure out a different arrangement for your kitchen. If you plan on installing your rangehood in the middle of a countertop where the only thing close will be the the back wall, then you can either (a) install a backguard/riser on the cooktop or (b) out tile, glass, steel or other non-combustible layer on teh back wall

If you do not understand this, please telephone Blue Star and talk to them. Get them to explain it to you. if you cannpt accept or trust that, then do not buy a rangetop. Move on to another concept for your kitchen.

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When it says "This appliance has been designed to be installed directly against rear walls and side base cabinets."... read that as it "can be", not that it "needs to be"...

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I posted the question in January, but when I went to find the post it did not appear when I searched. Cabinet guy said we shouldn't pull it out 3". Blue Star still hasn't called me back yet or responded to my emails.

JWVideo, I am sorry you were bothered by my 2nd post, but no one ever HAS to answer these posts. I do appreciate it though.

ctycdm, "can be" explains a lot. I teach English so I tend to read directions carefully and sometimes "read into" more than it actually says.


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