anyone know anything about a pontiac fiero

carcrazy02January 4, 2008

I have an 84 4 cyl Pontiac Fiero. My A/C has always worked. The belts were squealing so I had my mechanic change them. Now, the a/c compressor will not turn on at all. I brought it back to him and he said everything it tight and connected. I'm thinking there is something he missed... he checked the fuses and the belt tension. The A/C worked before I brought the car in and does not now. Very frustrating. Anyone know what the problem could be? Could have have messed up on the belt pattern? Anyone have schematics? I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

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Did the electrical connector to the compressor clutch get pulled off and not put back on? Also, on at least some GM A-C compressors, there is an in-line fuse somewhere near, or on, the connector to the compressor clutch. Make sure this did not get blown.

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