what kind of chair is this?

beachblingDecember 2, 2010

I have a 4' tall chair made of oak and the back is caned. It has a leather covered round swivel seat (like a piano stool). It has no arms on it. I wish I could put a picture of it but doesn't look like I can. It has the name W.D. Allison & Co on the back. I looked up that name and could only find that they made dental furniture a long time ago. It doesn't look like something a dentist would sit in, but maybe.

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It very well could be a dentists' stool...hard to judge without a picture.
How high is the seat? Could it be a piano stool?
Linda C

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The height of the wooden part of the seat is 14 1/2 in. and then the seat on top of that. If there was no tall straight back on it I would think it was a piano stool. All of these years I did think it was a piano stool.
But after finding the name of the maker I think the only thing they made was dental furniture. Do you know if I can attach a photo, can't see where.

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It was manufactured by W.D. Allison Co

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W.D. Allison made medically oriented furniture of all types. Really old examination chairs often had a swivel seat, did not necessarily recline and they were for the patient, and not the physician or dentist. I went googling for some examples, and found a few similar examples for EENT purposes without a headrest. None of them had caned backs..........so who knows. I do know wheelchairs around the turn of the last century were often made of cane, so it wouldn't be unthinkable.

Yes.......you can attach a photo directly in some forums, but it does't appear you can do it in this one, so you'll have to put it on a server like photobucket and follow their directions for the tag and paste it below the pane where it asks for the optional link URL.

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