Mysterious Blue Compote Bowl

MizzSavyDecember 18, 2011

Hello! I believe I purchased this bowl from an estate sale a few years back. I was getting wound up in the world of depression glass and I have not been able to find anything about this piece. I don't even know for sure if it is from that era. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hmmmmmm? Don't think it's Depression....might be EAPG....But I don't know who or what....
Have you looked well at the Fenton and Imperial 1060's stuff?
Is it a good quality glass?....smooth and heavy?
The more I look the more I think it's EAPG.....mayeb a footed honey dish? For the strange bee that has a 6 sided comb?
Tis a puzzlement!

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What do the images impressed on the glass depict? I don't think it's depression, either. Looks heavy and looks like a decent piece. I see an air bubble in the glass in one of the pictures. Fenton made a lot of blue, but this just doesn't strike me as's just a little too clunky. It really doesn't strike me as EAPG either. I think it's newer.

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The glass is smooth and heavy. I will look into those suggestions you made. Let you know if I find anything. Thank you so much!

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There are images of a seamstress, a shoemaker, a metal worker, an indian, a fisherman, a baker, a lumberjack, and a few I can't determine. they seem to depict professions from back in the day.

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My mother had the same dish. It is a covered candy dish made for the Bicentennial. Sorry don't know who made it.

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I've seen several in the antique mall where I have a space, but they usually have a lid. I also *think* they sell for under $20. ;o)

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