ventilation for 48' bluestar range top

julcarrFebruary 5, 2012

I purchased a 48" bluestar range top with a 52" wolf vent liner insert with remote blower 1200 cfm. Since the rangetop is on a outside wall I would like to vent out the wall vs. the roof. I have 10' ceilings. Would I be jeopardizing the suction if I went straight out or do I have to run the vent up the 10' ceiling and then elbow 90 degrees to the outside wall. I get really concerned about roof installation due to weakage issues. Also the vent hood insert is 22" deep is that deep enough or does it have to come out further to capture the high 22K btu front burners.

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I can't answer all of your questions - but a 1200 cfm will be very noisy if vented directly out the back.
If you can put the fan remotely, it will be quieter. I will defer to others on your other questions.
Also, check you local codes on make up air handling....
Interesting, I never heard of BlueStar until recently - and it is made in my home town....
Small world..

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I suggest you make the vent hood 27 inches deep. They can add some stainless sheet metal to do this. 22 inches is not deep enough for this range.


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