Antique Bed can anyone identify time period etc.

janet48_2010December 3, 2010

I bought this bed at an antique store in Illinois in 1966. I have only seen one other like it and it is a the Boyhood home of Lyndon Baines Johnson. The top of the post on his bed are rounded where this one has a cap or whatever the proper term might be. I really would like to know a little about this bed, if anyone knows.

I couldn't post a pic but here is a link to the pic.

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It was sold originally as "cottage style"; many examples were painted a solid color with floral motifs added in appropriate polychromy.
Stylistically it belongs on a lower rung of the Renaissance Revival ladder.

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That style was part of the Victorian around 1880. It was made for those who could not afford solid walnut and mahogany. It was often pine with walnut in important spots. I have a small dresser in that style, walnut front....with pine sides which were painted to look like walnut!
Because it was cheap, it was not treasured and not a lot remains.
I love the look!
Linda c

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I have a dresser in the same style with its original paint, but minus the original mirror.

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