dented rim

displaynameJanuary 22, 2007

I have a infiniti its a g-20. Today i wasnt paying attention and i hit a curb. I ruined my rim, could i go where i bought those rims and just buy one new one? it cost me 700$ for 4 wheels and rims so how mich do you think one rim would cost?? any help would be great

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if you have aftermarket rims on there, the type of car is pretty irrelevant. what matters is the price of the rims. when you say $700 for "wheels and rims" Do you mean Tires and rims? if so that's $175/ea. not really expensive for new tire and rims.

to directly answer you question, identify the brand rim that you need, find a supplier either local or online and buy one...yes they do sell wheels individually. The other option is to look for a used one on ebay or in local classified ads. you might get lucky. If the "dent" is enough to throw off alignment or balance, you might want to get it taken care of soon before you creatre other problems.

hope this helps

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Depends on whether they make the same rims anymore.Also,on whether it's chrome. There are places that fix them,but if it's chrome you might as well buy a new one if you can. Chrome wheels cant be fixed without being re-chromed.
No chroming places are doing re-chroming wheels anymore because of EPA and it's too expensive.
If it's a silver wheel it can be repainted.
My husband has been doing custom wheels for 10 years.

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