Here we go again.... car selection

sharon620January 14, 2007

Hey Everyone~

Here I go again getting another new car. My lease is ending in Sept. on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and I am doing my research now.

I think this time I am going into either a wagon or a small SUV or crossover.

My question is most of these cars have a 4 cyl. How does that compare to my 8? Of course I am going to notice a huge difference but is a 4 going to be a putt putt?

Thanks for your help!


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Divide the curb weight by the horsepower of the former and the new prospective and see which has more to drag around. I think you'll be surprised. Less weight also contributes to better mpg.

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I would think a Chevy HHR with a 4 cylinder would be a putt putt?But a Chevy Equinox that has a V-6 you would like and not notice a differance.Because of the less weight and front wheel drive.Not transfering the power to the back wheels is a instant gain.

Test drive a Chevy Cobalt with a 2.2 4 cylinder and you will see its not a putt putt.But a Chevy Malibu with the same 2.2 will be.As Raginbull saids it going to depend on the weight of the vehical.If there is a V-6 option for the make and model your considering over a 4 cylinder then yes more then likley the 4 cylinder will be a putt putt.

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How about an FJ Cruiser? They're 6. I find it makes a big difference over the 4 cylinger Caravan I traded in on it. The FJ has great pick-up, is a fanatastic vehicle, if it suits your needs. 2 drawbacks for some folks--lower gas mileage (but since I've only put 2500 miles on it in the 8 months I've had it, that's not a huge consideration to me), and the visibility is a little different than most cars/trucks/vans I've driven--but it's easy enough to get used to. Other than that, it's just the best, 'funnest' car I've owned in over 40 years of driving (yes, the young fellows on our street call me the coolest old lady on the block and drool over my FJ--LOL).

Love mine--wouldn't trade it for an original Hummer (which, until the FJ's came out, was always my 'dream' car). Can't hurt to take a look at them. And it's a Toyota, so it should last a good long time.

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If you are not going to pull anything you should be fine with a 4 banger. It won't feel like your 8 don't get me wrong but please test drive Honda CRV and see what you think. My car(s) for the last 25 years have been 4's. I drive them until 210,000 and then get a different one. I have stuck with Honda but now have a Mazda.

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my wifes 4cyl elantra will stomp on my v6 buick and my v6 suv, up to about 75mph then it runs out of steam. the way my wife drives this is good.

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Several of today's fours are well gear to the tranny so you would not know the difference in acceleration. No put put. You will definately know the difference in gas mileage. Also expect less cargo space but not less comfort.

Models to looks at are:
Subaru - several models, great reliability
Mazda - up and coming car company - check out the new CX 7. Great reliability. The Mazda6 is also a great option. Comes in a wagon.
Toyota - again, several models such as the Highlander. It's a Toyota - enough said.
Honda - CRV is an excellent vehicle, recently re-designed. It's a Honda!
Hundai - a couple of very reliable SUV's to choose from. You may be pleasantly suprised.

Enjoy the journey.

eal51 in western CT

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