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buckyJanuary 11, 2010

The traction control system on my 96 Buick has been cutting on and off this winter and has finally quit working altogether. The dash light showing traction control off is now on constantly. The ABS brakes are working fine. The front wheel hubs that contain the electronic ABS sensors were replaced a few years ago. The computer doesn't show a trouble code. Any ideas as to what would cause this problem?

Thanks a lot: Bucky2

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Not without initiating diagnostics. The Traction Control system is an integral part of the ABS system. On the surface it would seem odd to lose TCS, and not also lose the ABS. However, the TCS system can be shut down for some problems that are fuel injection system, and/or transmission system related which still allows for the ABS to function. This is one of the potential problems where trying to work with anything less than the factory scan tool (GM Tech II) is likely to not help you at all.

Start the diagnostics by polling EVERY module for trouble codes. An example where the TCS will shut down and still have ABS would be a loss of communication between the ABS controller and the PCM. (fuel injection computer) There are a lot more possibilities over that one.

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Thanks john. I didn't think it could be anything simple. Looks like the Riv is on its way to a GM shop. As a matter of interest, my local GM dealership where I bought the Riviera brand spanking new in 96 is now a dadgummed KIA DEALERSHIP!!

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