add shower to tub - any easy way?

try-itFebruary 24, 2012

Hi, I'm considering adding a shower function to an exsisting

tub which is in good condition. I want a single control faucet and as few pieces as possible. If I get into the panel where the faucet "guts" are and run the pipe up behind the wall, is that a huge project? The guts are in

a closet we seldom use - if I have to take out a piece of drywall it's no big deal.

I want a simple small shower with a rain head - I do like the square shapes - any advice will be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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From your previous kind advice, I think I need to remove the exsisting tiles which go around the tub and do some real waterproofing. Sorry this is kind of a duplicate post.
If anyone has taken a shortcut and just waterproofed with paint or sealer for a seldom-used shower, I'd love to hear about it.

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Fori is not pleased

A shortcut which probably isn't cheaper would be to get one of the old fashioned full circle curtain rods with a shower holding thingy (think clawfoot tubs). It can be a good look in a vintage style room.

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Kerdi membrane can be applied over regular old drywall. Then you tile over the Kerdi.

If you can pop off any existing tiles without totally ruining the drywall...or even if you have to cut the bottom 2' of so of dryall out and patch can then Kerdi over the drywall, then tile over the Kerdi.

It's the only membrane that I know of that is approved by the manufacturer to be used over drywall.

Or you can just cut out all the drywall to roughly 60" above the rim of the tub and patch in 6-mil poly and cement board, then tile. That's be the least expensive option, and it would give you easy access to the framing bays for plumbing.

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