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cgj123January 30, 2013

Hi everyone!
it's almost time to choose cabinets and I am about to give myself a nervous breakdown! :-)
Our home is in a wooded area with hardi plank and stone.
We also have the same stone on our fireplace of the keeping which is totally open to the kitchen. We are not going for country or rustic.....just warm and comfortable.
Attached is a photo of cabinets called Spanish Moss by Welborn Forest. When putting these with an espresso island and espresso range hood it complements the stone fireplace extremely well and looks very nice with our dark wanut stained floors. Now for the question........ Do you think these cabinets are too trendy? Part of me says yes because they are not the standard "wood look" and part of me says they look great with the house so they will always be in style.
Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreaciated!

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Between the shade of the woods, the dark counters and the dark floors, it sounds like your kitchen may end up a little cave-like.

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The cabinets, door and trim, island paneling and the rug/carpet on the floor are all very harmonious, largely because the hues are analogous and don't create contrasts with one another. As a result, this kitchen should be timeless and wear very well for those who created it.

Everyone has their own preferences, of course, but one way to achieve harmony and consistentcy is to use analogous hues throughout a room or space.

As far as "trendy", there's nothing trendy in the photograph. If anything, the raised panel doors/drawers and groved or beadboard paneling on the island are colonial details and have been used for hundreds of years, as have painted finishes. And then there's the cove moulding, also used for hundreds of years. Not much trendy (or even modern) here.

Good luck on your project.

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I think it looks great. The lighter back splash and wall color really helps to make the cabinets and counter top pop!
I don't get a cave feeling at all from this.

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The spanish moss is nice, but I would not mix it with espresso. I would mix it with something lighter (cream)? And definately choose a lighter counter top.

I do not like the picture at all. The cabinets clash with the coutertops, floors, and wall color. It's awful.

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Sophie Wheeler

Every single kitchen showroom is jumping onto the "gray" bandwagon. And like all trends motivated primarily by fashion, it won't last. If the cabinets were actually green instead of gray with a hint of green, then I'd say they were less a part of the current fad and more likely to stand up to long term tastes by being outside of them. But, as pictured, "it's SO twenty teens". That's not necessarily a bad thing, if that's what you like, outside of bein influenced by the popular. Such as if you like grey-greens even 20 years ago and maybe had a room painted that color even then. But, if you like it now because you see a lot of it, that's a totally different thing. That's being influenced by fashion and not your intrinsic taste.

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I love the picture you provided and think it would look beautiful especially if it goes with your fireplace. Unless you don't get much light I don't think it would be "cave-like".

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I'm the same way....I tend to stay basic because I'm afraid of trends. BUT, I think if you like it, go for it. There will always be things that we put in our kitchens (or houses for that matter) that we be more trendy. And even what some people label as "timeless" can go in and out of fashion. Do it because you love it!

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