Radio / Fuse question 2001 Lincoln Navigator

buckeye1January 20, 2006

My radio stopped working the other day. The good news is I think it is a bad fuse. Are there spare fuses in the fuse box of the car or do I need to take out the bad fuse and purchase a fuse at a Pep Boys or someother automotive place? Someone was telling me that there are spare fuses in the fuse box - is this true? Thank you.

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If there are spare fuses in the fuse block, these are usually labeled as 'spare'. Replace the burned-out fuse with one of the same current rating. If there are no spares of the same kind, you can purchase a replacement at most any auto parts store.

Tip: While you are at the parts store, buy a set of fuses for your fuse block and put these in a zip-lock bag and store in the glove box or other convenient place.

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