need to buy a car

diggerb2January 27, 2009

we currently have 2007 Toyota Sienna and 1996 Toyota Corolla.

with 292,000 miles on the corolla, its time to move on--

especially as its begining to show some body rust, and repairs are getting more frequent.

we are looking for a used car that we can afford. $200/month

for 3-4 year loan (that's around $10-12k i think)

needs to get decent gas milage (something around 20 mpg)

4 door are critical and interior roominess (its hawling around 3 people over 6 ft and 250 lbs)

reliable, reliable, reliable-- i get oil changes, give it gas, wash it occassionally, replace tires, brakes and exhaust as needed and have it checked at a dealership about every 50,000 miles.

it will be getting about 10k-12k miles per year

looking for something from year 2000 or newer

not to fussy about color, would like ac and disc player

not tied into any manufacturer.

so what cars/vans have a good rep as used vehicles?

thanks for suggestions

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When it comes to picking a car for someone else, I am a loss because in may be merely a matter of style of brand preference when choosing between models. However, you indicated that you weren't picky. I did note that your current vehicles are Toyotas, and the Corolla has given you more than the average US miles without serious breakdown.

1. Haul 3 people, 6 ft tall, at 250 lb each, or 750 lb. Add in 100 to 200 lb of other stuff and you are looking at 950 lb load.

2. Need enough space for these human bodies.

3. Reliable, repairable, and established dealerships and parts supply.

4. 20 miles/gal or better.

5. 4 doors.

6. Not too expensive.

Look at these models:

Pontic Vibe

Ford Escape

Hundai Sante Fe

Saturn Vue

Honda RAV-4

Toyota CRV

Several of these models are available in 4 wheel or all-wheel drive. The Honda and Toyota offerings in used vehicles tend to be higher priced than comparable domestics.

Check out reliability ratings in Consumer's Report and other publications. Once a model becomes 2 to 4 yrs old, user surveys can uncover shortfalls and likes.

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When I consider a used car.I always look at a Buick.Because there often owned by elderly people who in most cases take care of there cars.They are not driven hard and older people ussually maintain a vehical very well.Because they do not want to be sitting along side the road.Many are garage kept and have low miles.They often trade every 5 years or less no matter what.

Take a look at a LeSabre or a Century.You might not fall in love with there looks.But take a test drive and get a feel for the nice handeling and smooth ride and comfortable seats.You just might feel the same way I do about Buick.

I have owned 3 Buicks now and Currently have a 05 and a 99 Century.I bought the 05 new and later bought the 99 used.I also had a Regal before the 99.All three had the same mpg of 27 city 31 hgwy.I drive a mix and get 29mpg.

I also own a 07 Chevrolet Malibu it has the roomiest drivers seat of any car I have ever owned.They can also be bought used for 10000 to 12000 but does not have the smooth ride of a Buick.

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the pontiac vibe, that way you get a toyota, it looks like you bought american, and they dont hold their value as good as the toyota matrix, even though their the same car.

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