Help with Antique Wooden Table

manitsnamDecember 8, 2010

Hi I received this wooden table a while ago and was told its been in their family for generations. She also told me it was hand carved. I am moving and cannot hold this table anymore so am looking to sell it. It's about 3ft x 6ft and stands 2ft tall.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Antique or not? Type of wood? Fair price? Best way to sell it?

Thank you in advance!

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It almost looks like an old door. Try putting it on craigslist. That will be your best bet.

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Fori is not pleased

Does it have a spot for glass on the top?

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Yes it does have a spot for glass.

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Antique or not? Not.
Craig's list.
Linda C

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What's a good price for a buyer? I'm really not trying to make tons of money, want to let it go for a low price. I just don't want to rip someone off, vice versa.

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The framing techniques are the same as a door. Longitudinal pieces forms the perimeter and gives a degree of dimnesional stablity. With moisture, wood expands considerably cross grain, but very little with the grain (lenghtwise). The panels fit in slots and there is probably clearance in the slots to allow the panels to expand and contract. A glass cover over the top is needed to protect the highly carved panels. Interesting.

Most of the cost is in the carvings.

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Wow that's a lot of info.

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It doesn't have enough wear to have been in the family for "generations". Unless there's something I'm missing in the photos, it's from the 1980s and the fad for "Southwestern" styling.

It's a rustic Mexican style coffee table, made in the same way as they make their doors, and you can get them by the truckload for $100 or so from Nogales. The new owner will have to buy new tempered glass, which is not cheap.

If you are in an area where Southwest style is popular, try $150 and settle for $100.

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okay thank you so much!

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Depends on how long the generation is. I have patients who were born in 1960 who are great grandparents to toddler/preschoolers. Maybe Greatgrandma bought it in 1982.

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Yep........I have a habit of telling folks that's not so old, my parents had it, and then remembered that when my parents were young, it wasn't unusual to see people still hauling merchandise with horse and wagon. However, you will not likely find a coffee table old enough to be really antique. They came in to vogue in the 30s. An antique parlour table for refreshments would have likely been a tea table, and they were smaller and taller.

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