Oil pressure dropping

rabbit8January 7, 2008

I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 v8 magnum truck and the oil pressure keeps dropping after starting up the vehicle and it runs for 15 minutes. It have a little clicking sound underneath the engine by the oil pan. The engine doesn't run hot and it don't skip. ICan anyone help me with the matter. I want to give you thanks in advance. Please help.

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It is normal for the oil pressure to run high on cold startup, then drop to a reasonable number after the oil warms and thins. The question is how much drop is too much? Can you supply numbers?

In really cold weather, I have experienced oil pressure sensor damage on cold start (from high pressure). To make sure what you got, take your truck to a garage that has a certified pressure gage and have the oil pressure measured.

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To Jem dandy. Thanks for respongding so quickly. The oil pressure drops to zero when I raise the engine and then goes back up to about 30 psi's.

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Something is definitely wrong! It could be a cracked oil pressure sensor, but I am fearful it is something more sinister. The truck should not be driven until the cause has been found and repaired. Below are some items to think about.

1. Cracked oil pressure sensor
2. Oil starved oil pump:
a. Clogged pickup screen (on oil pump)
b. Low oil level
c. Oil collecting in the heads and not draining back as fast as it should.
d. Bad oil pump
e. Pressure relief valve sticking open.

3. Bad bearing(s). May be a shaft with too much end play.

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First thing to do is to verify the oil pressure with a test gauge. The vast majority of the time a low reading on your dash gauge is just the sending unit. If the pressure truly turns out to be low, most likely the screen on the oil pump is plugged with sludge, the second most likely cause is the oil pump quit. Doesn't matter which one, it's the same fix either way. How often have you been changing oil?

Get it looked at asap or risk loosing the engine.


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