car rack

frankb_cJanuary 21, 2006

Have a Grand Marquis 2000.

What is best car Rack to get (in Canada).

Would be for light use seasonal Skis, or taking something

to country house, bulky but light.

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Either try the dealer for the very best or Google. Avoid the cheap back-alley ones..

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Yakima and Thule seem to be the acknowledged leaders for quality racks. Their systems are very similar, pricy and very flexible as long as you're willing to spend the money. My experience is with the Yakima, mainly for bicycles. Properly mounted, it's rock-solid at any speed that I'd drive. And you can buy them on eBay or other second-hand sources. Just check the websites or dealer info carefully for the exact components you need for your car.

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Yakima seems the way to go.
Made appointment with specialty shop for racks and hitches.

Thanks Steve/earthworm.

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