Car bucks, and periodically stalls, but doesn't give a code...

symphony1125January 6, 2008

Allright guys, I've perused around the forums, and there seems to be some very knowledgable people around here, so here's to hoping that someone can help me out with this.

My car will buck a lot (and by buck I mean cut off and turn back on very fast... tachometer goes crazy for a moment and all)... sometimes when the car cuts out, the battery light comes on, and then turns off when the car goes back to normal while I'm driving. Every once in awhile the car will cut out, and and when the battery light comes on, it'll stall out, at which point I'll have to restart it (which doesn't seem hard to do).

I've had this problem before, and they fixed it by replace two engine coils... however, I live in the great state of Ohio, and in the midst of all the wildnerness and wildlife beauty, I ended up hitting a deer on a poorly lit highway and almost immediately the problem came back.

The mechanics that I brought the car to "threw" several parts at my car (as advised by GM techs since my car would not give a trouble code) to include a TPS sensor... a few days later the car still has the same problem and my credit card has run out of room for them to continue replacing parts without actually knowing wether or not it'll fix the problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem may be?? Thanks in advance!

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By the way, the car that I'm talking about is a 2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL.

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