grinding brakes

sailor86January 9, 2009

After hearing/feeling a grinding noise when I hit my brakes at very low speed, I took off the tires to take a look at the pads. They both still got some pad left but, they're wearing unevenly. What could cause this?

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Lots of stuff. If the inside pad is worn it's the piston
sticking. if the outside pad is worn it's the sliders sticking. What do the pads look like ? Master cylindar could make this happen. Proportioning valve can do this.
How are they worn ? At an angle ? No angle ? twisted ?
off center ? Need more info. If you heard noise it's metal
to metal or road grime.

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I was going to change the front pads but upon removing the wheels I realized there was nothing wrong with the old pads. There's plenty of pad left. Again, it only happens at very low speeds.(I live in a mobile home park replete with speed bumps. If one sneaks up on me, I brake hard. That's when it usually happens)As of the moment, I do not sense any imminent danger. I'll keep a close eye on the situation.

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Damp weather can cause this.Rotors and drums rust overnight and can cause all kinds of sounds.

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