I want to shoot my new LOUD refrigerator

peebolaFebruary 3, 2010


We built a new modular home last year. I moved in July 2009. We bought all new appliances at Sears - not expensive - average priced Kenmore/Whirlpool appliances - to fit our average priced modular home.

I like the stove, gas dryer and the very quiet dishwasher. The washer is a bit loud, but I'll live with it as it is in its own laundry room where I can shut the door.

As to the refrigerator -- IT IS DRIVING ME UP A WALL! The compressor is incredibly LOUD while it is running (not to mention the blower fan in the freezer). The brand is an 18 CUFT Kenmore Top Freezer (no ice maker) refrigerator (Model 253 68979802).

At the end of August 2009 I had a Sears technician come look at the fridge because of the excessive motor and blower noise while it is running. He said there was nothing wrong with it, and that all new refrigerators are loud.


Than I must be abnormal as I cannot stand the constant loud humming noise. The noise permeates throughout the entire house - even in the basement with the basement door closed. If I had known the refrigerator was going to be so loud, I would have closed in the kitchen from the rest of the house - forget "open floor plans" - I need some peace and quiet!

I now wear ear plugs to bed because my bedroom is down the hall from the kitchen and the fridge, and the fridge seems to be getting louder by the day.


I can't believe reasonably quiet refrigerators cannot be manufactured in the 21st century. Oh, and don't get me going on the noisy power vents being used in new homes for gas water heaters and furnaces. If I had known the power vent to my gas water heater was going to be so loud, I would have vented it through a chase into the roof -- but what did I know - I trusted my builder (yeah, bad move).

Anyhow, my mom has a 1960 GE top freezer refrigerator in her kitchen (the one I grew up with) and I never hear a peep out of it. It is still working like a charm (knock on wood) - 24/7/354. And get this...it is still QUIET!

I want her refrigerator.

I want to shoot my NEW supposedly energy efficient loud fridge and replace it with her old non-energy efficient quiet fridge.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen as she will never give up her fridge (I don't blame her).

So I have decided to buy another NEW refrigerator to replace my noisy one. I need advice on the quietest refrigerators being sold. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars, but I am willing to spend $1000-$1400 for a quiet refrigerator. Unfortunately, there is no good websites with reviews on quiet refrigerators (I guess noise doesn't bother many people - but with today's open floor plans you would think noisy refrigerators would drive other people up a wall - guess not).

Can anyone give me some feedback on which new refrigerators are the quietest?

Thanks in advance.

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I've got an LG that is pretty quiet, but why not go to a big store with lots of stock, ask for an extension cord (or bring your own) and plug every single one of them that you are interested in into some power and have a listen?

We looked at a bunch of fridges when we were shopping for one a few months back, but noise just wasn't a criterion that we thought to check at the time. I guess we lucked out because the LG doesn't bug us.

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We have a new fisher paykel that is so quiet i have wondered whether it's running. We needed a counter-depth model, so it was pricier ($2200) but the standard depth ones, with normal doors instead of french doors, are in your price range.

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We purchased a GE Profile refrigerator 4 years ago and it was very quiet. Then a a year or 2 later it was very loud, the compressor and blower kept going. We thought it was normal until eventually the fridge would turn off intermittently. We had it serviced and the tech said that the motherboard was flawed and it was sending wrong signals to the compressor. He switched out the motherboard and we're back to a quiet fridge. It was a common problem that was posted on the internet, a pseudo recall on the motherboard. Maybe do a search on the web with your model number and see what your turn up. Hope this helps.

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I am having the same problem with my new Whirlpool. The compressor/fan runs 10-15 minutes every 20-25 minutes - regularly. Therefore, it is quiet for about 20 -25 minutes at a time (if I am lucky) and then goes on again - very frustrating. It is noisy but at least no high-pitched sounds.

I, so far, am told it is normal!! At least, the person who sold it to me agrees that it should not be running that often.

This problem was evident from the beginning, but I thought and was told that it would go away after the first day or two. I have had it for a week.

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Hi, I just wondered if you ever got used to your loud machine, or if you wound up shooting it?

I just purchased an LG, bottom freezer door, single door fridge top, 22 cu, not using the ice maker ....

Since getting it, I have not slept a full night. And, I'm a heavy sleeper. Nothing sounds like this whirrrrrrrring constant humming noise -- from no matter where I am in the house.

I feel like I'm losing my sanity. This is machine #2 because the repair tech suggested I send back the first one, telling me a new one will be just as loud, but maybe that pitch won't be as irritating to me.

Why do I never notice anyone else's fridges running? I walk in the door and this humming, motorized fan noise is there to greet me.

Please let me know any suggestions you may have for my sanity :) Thanks in advance.

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I see this is kind of an old post but found it looking for issues regarding this Kenmore fridge.

I purchased two. One is fine the other is so noisy -- I too want to shoot it. Unfortunately I purchased it for a vacation home and did not return until the warranty was up.

Many reviews on Sears website point to this problem -- I suggest posting a review. If there are enough maybe they will be forced to issue a recall.

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What are people's expectations regarding fridge noise?

How do you come by these expectations?

Do you think price has (or should have ) a correlation with noise?

DO you expect it to be silent?

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My expectation is that a refrigerator's noise should not drive me up the wall. High-pitched sounds are the WORST and are truly maddening. Do I expect a refrigerator to be silent? No, but I don't expect it to make me want to jump out a window either. It is also my expectation that identical refrigerators should make nearly identical sounds. If ten people own the same make and model "quiet" refrigerator, and you are unlucky enough to have the one noisy one out of the bunch, I think it's fair to say that something is wrong with yours. But when it comes to complaints about noisy refrigerators, we all hear the same old song from the repair persons (prompted by the manufacturers) ... it's normal.

It would be nice if you could "buy" quiet, but that is not the case, as a higher price can no longer be correlated to a higher quality product. And I do think that a high quality refrigerator should be pretty darn quiet.

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