What can you tell me about this table

javaandjazzDecember 9, 2011

My neighbor is selling her home and some people have asked about buying her furniture and this table is one piece they have been interested in. She thinks her mother purchased the table in the 40's or 50's at a local furniture shop. It's Duncan Phyfe style...right? Maybe mahogany? It's big enough for a dining room table. I can only find a paper inspection tag on it and there is no maker listed. There might be a label under where the leaves are stored in it but I didn't want to take that apart. Anyway, how much do you think she could ask for it? Thanks, Richie

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It reminds me of the Duncan Phyfe table my parents bought in the late 1930s, though theirs was oval and had two pedistals.

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There are 2 pedestals, I guess one is hiding behind the other.

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Duncan Phyfe style....mahogany veneer top and probably mahogany pedestal.
She will be doing well to get $100 at a quick sale....might get more if she's not in a hurry to sell. Are tehre more leaves besides the drop leaves? Is the top in good shape? All that weighs on the price.

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Yes to above. Definitely mainstream in the late thirties, all through the forties and into the early fifties as an answer to a traditional styled dining table one could fit into the smaller homes or homes with no formal dining room. Often had one small fold-in leaf in the middle, sometimes a small drawer on one side. Usually had hardwood pedestals stained to match. Catalogues often sold the table with no chairs or let you choose the chair style you liked best to go with it. IOW not as a set.

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