Saturn Coupe sunroof water leak

busyasabeeJanuary 22, 2006

I have a 1997 Saturn Coupe, and having issues with water leaking in the driver's and passenger foot area. I'm suspecting it might be seal around sunroof. I checked the front portion of sunroof by the visor and found the area was wet; back portion was dry. The front carpet around the driver and passenger was soaked, however seats were dry, as well as the back section of the car. Got a dryvac and sucked up about a gallon of water from car.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this water leak issue? Is it expensive to fix?

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I think the seal is there to more or less prevent wind noise.
Probably the sunroof drain tubes are clogged - common with sunroofs.
I do not know if these can be effectively blown out or not.
Better to try a wire snake, carefully..

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Water can enter from other sources: Windshield seal, and the drip pan in the air conditioner. The drip pan will overflow if its drain tube gets clogged. A third source is a corrosion hole under the air intakes below the wipers.

Windshield leaks are best found using a helper. One of you sprays the seals of the windshield with a garden hose nozzle while the other observes inside the car [while lying in very awkward poitions - yogi helps :)]

While you got the helper, also spray the edges of the sun roof.

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Earthworm ~ thanks for the info. I finally took my car to the Saturn dealer, and the issue was that the sunroof drain lines were clogged. The technician re-routed sunroof drain line and resealed sunroof at a cost of $160.

I thought this price was a little too high, but had no choice but pay amount....I was tired of having a mini-flood in car everytime it rained!

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If the guy actually found and fixed your water leak for $160 imo it's a bargain.

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I agree, Gary
The sunroof is a luxury item, and as such it needs periodic maintainence, as do all items..
I believe the Saturn dealers are known for honesty, as far as I know..
Just think of what you could have saved by being a DIY..

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