DCS infrared broiler question

adamdocFebruary 16, 2014

Hi all. So, we love our 48" DCS range with 6 burner/griddle configuration. We have the non self-cleaning model with the infrared broiler. My issue/concern is that I can't seem to get the broiler to do what I think a broiler should do (read: I'm not using it correctly).

My main issue is that it seems like the broiler surface is quite small - only in the center of the top of the oven. If I want to put the top rack close to the broiler, I can only broil food that is in the center of the rack. Is that normal? I wonder if I am supposed to move the rack farther away, and then more area of the rack will be usable for broiling... Most recipes don't assume an infrared broiler, so I am not sure if I should adjust rack height.

On the other hand, it does get very hot, but on my attempts to use it so far, I have overdone steaks in the center, and not cooked ones on the outside... By the time I am done rearranging, they're all ruined. I did try to cook 6 large steaks at once, which may have been a bad idea ,but the gigantic oven made me feel like I could use the entire rack surface...

Anyway, I guess I am wondering what is normal, and if anyone has any tips for using the DCS infrared broiler in the 48" range.


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Welcome to the strange world of infrared broiling! ;) I've had my Bluestar with a similar dinky broiler for about a year now. I've been an avid cook for 30+ years, and this is baffling me too. What I've learned from experiment, is I really can't broil successfully more food than fits under the silly little 8.5"x11" burner, which amounts to maybe one big steaks or salmon filet. For my old signature garlic bread or croutons, I need to put it down on almost the lowest rack to keep from burning to black charcoal :( It also cycles off annoyingly if the door is closed, basically leaving whatever is under it partially cooked until it cycles back on again. So when I do broil, I leave the door open.
Fortunately, where I live, we can BBQ outside year round so broiling is not a high priority for me. Sorry I'm not much help, but misery loves company, no?

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Thanks! At least I am not crazy. We can also grill outside all year (almost), but I wanted to try it... Oh well! I'll keep experimenting with smaller batches. At least I'm not crazy!


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