Cordon Bleu Knives

firstwordmanDecember 27, 2010

I have a set of Cordon Bleu knives that have Cordon Bleu on one side with a shooting star style logo, and on the other is stamped Cordon Bleu High Carbon Japan No Stain Steel. I cannot find reference to them anywhere so I came to my old stand-by, Garden Web. Only once has a question I posted here gone unanswered :).

Anyway, the set is complete except for the meat cleaver. It also has six steak knives.

Can anyone here help me out? They seem to be good knives.

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Have they a bolster? far all I can come up with is that Wustof has made some knives in the Japanese style, without a bolster.
But those knives are obviously not German...
double Hmmmm....?
there is a Cordon Bleu in Japan....but wouldn't the knives then be signed with Japanese characters?

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Hi Linda. I hope you've had a great Christmas.

They do not have bolsters. The wording seems unusual to me: Cordon Bleu High Carbon Japan No Stain Steel.

They aren't stainless steel though. I guess No Stain is more specific and I know high carbon is generally better.

I can't find that logo anywhere.

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Ebay has a set going for under $50. They don't seem to be anything special.

Here is a link that might be useful: 8 CORDON BLEU CUTLERY SET KNIVES JAPAN NO STAIN STEEL

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