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chickenwhispererFebruary 26, 2013

In case anyone is looking at a Bosch Wall oven, be forewarned:

I have a Bosch single wall oven, model HBN3450UC, installed in May of 2012. In short order, grease began to build up between the two glasses. One Bosch representative responded with "not under warranty because the problem is cosmetic, not functional." I asked to have a superviser contact me but even after two follow up contacts with this person, no supervisor has responded. I mailed a letter to the address on the Bosch website given as the contact address; however, the letter has been returned to sender. I called my appliance dealer and was told that it will cost $300.00 to clean between the glasses. He mentioned that this problem occurs randomly. He also was going to ask the Bosch Rep to contact me. As of this date, I've heard nothing. The oven is not a year old, there is no warranty on the problem, and Bosch appears to be unconcerned that I will have to spend a good amount of money to clean up their mistakes. i will not recommend that anyone install any Bosch product because this company does not seem to care about the quality of their products and particularly does not express concern over their customers' satisfaction. I have been trying to resolve this since late December, 2012. So far, this company stands firm on its claim that the problem is cosmetic and it is caused by "condensation and grease build up during cooking." AVOID BOSCH.

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Chickenwhisperer - BTW I like the name
I found Bosch to be one of the better companies I work with. While I'm not sure about your conversation with them, I know that they do pay for these claims on a goodwill nature because I've been sent out to do calls that wern't covered by warranty but Bosch picked up the tab.

Call Bosch back and just tell them your door is not sealing and you need a service call. Nothing more nothing less. Then have a service tech come out and check the door. The tech should be able to do a full check out for you and take care of your issue and Bosch will pay them.

Almost all manufacturers ovens use airwash to keep the doors cool. which means the door has to be vented. Sometimes a customer may spill something or cook something excessivly smokey and draw the smoke through the door. you do need to be carefull about these situations. However on the Bosch products I've worked on they seem to be better than most on keeping this from happening.

As I started with Bosch is one of the companies I recommend because I've seen the help they provide.
Just get a service call set up. You can tell them the display is not working or something else but get the tech to your home.

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Bosch made it? Find a large trash can and place the unit inside, then go buy a real, SERVICEABLE appliance.
You could take the door apart and clean the glass yourself, but you'll probably wish you'd just went ahead and bought a new one when you're done.

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