Coolant Leak in 99 Grand Prix.....Help!!!!

kdianeJanuary 13, 2010

I had a coolant leak at the manifold intake gasket, which I guess is common in the 3.1 engine. I got this fixed. When they were fixing it they found another leak at the "timing". What is that? And does it have anything to do with the water pump? I am still leaking coolant but wondering if changing the thermostat could help, we think its part of the problem?

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Is the water pump leaking?

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The timing cover is the "front part" of the engine which is on the passengers side of your car. The front of the engine is always described as if the car was a rear wheel drive, and the engine in-line with the center line of the car. Now as far as the timing cover leaking and its relationship to the water pump, the water pump bolts to the timing cover, which in turn is bolted to the engine. The timing cover gasket is known to leak, but unfortunately the intake gasket when it fails commonly allows coolant to run outside of the engine down across the seam between the engine block and the timing cover making it almost impossible to identify that second leak.

Recently I had to inform a customer of the potential for his timing cover to be leaking in a Pontiac Montana with a 3.4l. His intake gasket was leaking, but streaking from the front of the engine suggested that it was very likely that there were two leaks at play. We fixed the intake gasket problem, and now are still watching it to see if we have to do the other gasket. We still haven't proven the second leak in his case, but at least I was able to caution him in advance.

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