Opel motor

stoveguyyJanuary 30, 2013

My Saturn vue has 3.0 v6. Many folks refer to it as Saab motor. Since they use it too. Used in caddy catera which is a rebadged Opel. So perhaps it is really an Opel motor which is used in stabs, saturns, catera's and even some opels?

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Apparently a Honda engine :


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Saab was owned by GM. GM own Vauxhall, Opel, Chevrolet. There were a number of collaborations between Opel and Alfa Romeo that may have filtered back. I hope not though for your sake. My Opel Vectra has given a lot of trouble, every part that was the source of that trouble had "Made in Italy" stamped on it.

Liken it to a picnic where the Germans (Opel) and the Italians (Alfa Romeo) work together. Ideally you want the fine cuisine of the Italians, but the Germans must make the picnic hamper so the handles don't fall off. Well in the case of the Vectra, which was sold as the Saturn Aura in your climate, the Germans did the food so all you got in that department was pickled cabbage, and the Italians made the hamper so all the handles dropped off. It all ends up in a very sorry state indeed.

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the 3.0 is a opel motor. the 3.5 is a honda motor. the local saturn dealer closed and a VW dealer moved in. kept most of the techs and they know how to work on most foreign ohc motors and they have experience on this motor. they said they can do the timing belt service which is now due.

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