Antique livingroom set

sieveDecember 5, 2009

We have an antique livingroom set, there is two hand rose carved chairs. one hand rose carved couch. one rose hand carved marble coffee table.

Has origanal fabric.

Would like to know approx. value.

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First let me say that I'm not an antique expert. I just love old things.

I don't know if these are true period pieces or reproductions but they are beautiful. If they are antique I seriously doubt that the upholstery is original. I've never seen upholstery reach the age these would have to be and be in original mint condition. Whether that seriously effects the value I don't know but were they mine I would still love them regardless.

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I don't believe they are antique...the coffee table certainly isn't.
I am guessing they are 30 year old very nice repros. The part I am guessing about is the age....not the fact that the set is not from 1865.
Value? You looking for a free appraisal? LOL! How about $2500?
Remember that appraisal is worth just about what you paid for it!
Linda C

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