Range hood question

Gigi_4321February 10, 2012

I had my 1500 cfm range hood installed 33" above my range. It worked well, but I wanted it a little higher so moved it up to 37" above the range. It seems to work just as well, even while wokking. I'm wonder if, with the venting on, you should not be able to smell any food odor outside the range area?

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Given ideal ventilation, it would be difficult to smell much food odor, although diffusion of chemicals in air can be fairly fast. However, even the best ventilation used in a residential kitchen will not be ideal due to (a) disturbances to the rising effluent due to motion of people around the room, and (b) turbulent and/or directional make-up air flow to the cooking area creating cross drafts. Wall installation instead of island or peninsula installation will partially compensate for these effects.


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