free standing built in fridge

rheamavFebruary 23, 2013

I am building a home and my architect has drawn space behind the fridge for an option of using a free standing fridge. I do want a built in fridge but wonder if there is such a thing as a high end free standing built in fridge. Something that is both tall and deep that can take a cabinet panel and look truly built in.

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A refrigerator is either a built in, as in it MUST have cabinet sides and sit on a cabinet, or a free standing as in it sits on it's own little roller feet and can be rolled in and out to clean behind. You can have a paneled front freestanding one, but putting panels on it doesn't make it look built in. It's like those houses which only brick the front. It doesn't fool anyone at all that it's a brick house. Even some "built in" ones aren't fully integrated looking, which is what most people think of when they think of a built in refrigerator. A very common situation these days is just putting side panels on a regular old stainless steel freestanding fridge. For most people, unless you're doing a 100K kitchen, that's a fine look.

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