Brass push-up candlesticks -- help!

chibimimiDecember 23, 2012

I'm hoping Lindac or other experts see this! This is a new field for me -- most of my experience is in furniture.

I just purchased a pair of brass push-up candlesticks and will post a pic when my tech-wizard son gets home. The push-up rods have no buttons on the ends -- did they break off, or were any made with just a bare rod, no button?

Also, the rods have frozen. I don't know if there's too much old wax in there or if something else is going on. Anyone have any tips on freeing them up?

Also, can you recommend a good book on antique brass? I've seen one on Amazon that looks good (The Brass Book), but before I spend the $60, I wonder if there is a better reference book.

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There is a thread on here about soaking them in boiling water.

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Thanks, nyboy. I was afraid that might be how I'd have to do it. On the other hand, at least now I know it can be done.

I bit the bullet and bought The Brass Book, which has excellent photographs for style dating, but sadly few photos of undersides and internals. Online resources lack detail and dates, and can be confusing. If anyone knows of a good guide to dating brass, please let me know.

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