2000 Sunfire Spark Plug Removal

DA_MccoyJanuary 22, 2008

Just jumped over from the computer forum to seek some advice.

One of my adult children just bought a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire 2.4L with 111,000 miles. All in all the car is in pretty good shape. My concern is that it is apparent the spark plugs have never been changed. I have changed spark plugs my whole life and am not overly afraid of this task except it has an aluminum head. Is this a time when I should allow a professional to handle it? If not would this protocol be sufficient:

1.) WD40 and allow to set.

2.) Take out in a continuing in and out motion until fully withdrawn

3.) Use of anti-seize

Would torquing be necessary?

Open to any and all suggestions.


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1.) **WD40 and allow to set.** IMO, no value to doing this.

2.) **Take out in a continuing in and out motion until fully withdrawn** Not a bad idea if they come out a little hard. Probably won't be an issue.

3.) **Use of anti-seize** Absolutely.

**Would torquing be necessary?** It's a good idea if you can get a torque wrench on them. Even one would help get a feel for how tight is right for the others.


Just changed the plugs on my 20 year old car last summer. I too was a little apprehensive because it has aluminum heads. Didn't have any problems. Just be careful when installing the new plugs. That's when you're most likely to goof up the threads either by cross threading to start with or over torquing. Assuming this car has the usual ignition system, might as well replace the plug wires too while you're at it and maybe the cap and rotor. Often times one or more wires get wrecked while pulling them off the plugs, and they're getting old anyway. jmo

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Why does everyone freek out when they see aluminum heads ?
Just pull out the plugs. Don't even think of pouring wd40
down there. That stuff is a drying agent. when it splashed down to the plug threads, and it will, you will
have problems getting the next set of plugs out. Anti seize
is good if you want to leave the plugs in there for the next 3 years. I think this car has crank fire so no distributor. Changing the wires is a good idea. Plugs don't
go in any tighter in an aluminum head that a iron head.
Just a thought. If this engine has never had the plugs
changed WD40 might be the best idea and do it when the engine is hot. good luck.

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I hesitate as I had a negative experience years ago with a Sunbird.

Thanks for your input.

If you ever need assistance for your computer system stop over at the Computer Help Forum. A lot of friendly, informed members there.


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The main thing with aluminum heads and plug removal.Is let the engine be room temperature before starting.Do not remove when engine is warm.

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JD, I would think that a warm/hot engine would make the plug removal easier. Wouldn't the aluminum expand when warm? Curious because I have to do a Volvo soon.

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**JD, I would think that a warm/hot engine would make the plug removal easier.**

No No No No NO. Do it with the engine cold.

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yes agree, never remove the plug when the engine is hot. wait for the temperature to subside before pulling it out. i suggest you get the swag plug, very to install and replace.

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