ruined bumper

surewhynotJanuary 30, 2007

my house has an extremely narrow driveway and back porch that juts out. while pulling in to my back driveway last night, i accelerated too much, and scraped up one side of my car and my bumper got caught on the porch and is now hanging half off.

i took it in for estimates and was told that i can pay $200 to reattach my broken bumper to make the car driveable or i can file an insurance claim to get the entire car fixed for what amounts to about $2500 worth of work.

is the increase in insurance worth getting the entire car fixed or should i just try to pay things out in cash on my own since its my fault?

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What do you pay insurance for?

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ditto. you have 2500 in damage and are afraid your rates might go up? probably like 10% per year. and if you don't fix your car and get more damage you will have a worthless car. fix it. or call your insurance agent and tell him you have 2500 in damage but don't want to fix it and see what he says. maybe he will pat you on the back for being so nice to the insurance co.

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