something you don't see everyday

bowlmanDecember 1, 2010

Here is something you dont see in a kitchen now a days. Redware pottery cheese strainer/colanders. They are old. I don't have any repros. Have you seen these ever like this ? I found them once a few years ago posted on the net but never saved the site. Yes I have a old primitive pottery addiction.

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Fori is not pleased

There have been times when I could have really used one of those...

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How big are they? i have seen "cheese bowls" but never a mug with a side handle....nice!
Linda C

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5-6" tall, I found one like it years ago and it had a hefty price if I remember correctly. I think they are fairly rare.

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i seem truly inept. my pictures are on my computer but i can't figure out how to load them into a post like you did. My only success was to load one to their test gallery and point to it but it doesn't show up in the post

and it won't let me add to my post to respond to your question... sorry for the hassle

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You need to post them some where like photobucket then copy and paste the html to one of your post.

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