Stainless Backsplash Behind Rangetop Hard to Clean? Please Help!

beekeeperswifeFebruary 24, 2012

I didn't want to hijack Angie_DIY's thread about her newly arrived Bluestar.

I'm debating about the 24" high backsplash with a shelf vs the island trim. I know, 2 extremes.

I like the full bs because it might help the rangetop look more substantial. It is quite a big deal for me to NOT get a range. It's driving me nuts, quite frankly. (But we have too many ovens already)

If I do the island trim, maybe I can install a stainless shelf on top of tile.

But the thing holding me back about the full ss bs is the cleaning. Is it hard to clean?

I am only doing a range top, so no oven heat pouring out of it.

I need to make a decision asap about this. Please help!



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For me, it depends on the rangetop and kitchen style, not the cleaning.

If I was going with a high BTU choice then I might put the SS backguard in. It can be cleaned with an alcohol-water mixture or a good SS cleaner like Method wipes and a microfiber cloth -- certainly not as much to clean as a SS refrigerator handle and front. I also have SS counters and don't find them difficult at all (some feel any SS is a PITA). But stainless will show streaks and splatters, which you'd wipe off anyway.

Tile is easier to clean, won't show streaks as easily. Still, SS gives more of a 'pro range' look vs tile is more decorative.

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I have stainless and it is a breeze to clean. I use 409. My back splash was made by a local guy who copied the VAH model I bought. (The VAH version ends just below the shelf, and I wanted it all the way down behind the range.) He removed the wire shelves from the VAH shelf and attached them to this one.

This isn't the best picture since everything was still collecting construction dust.

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idrive, that is a gorgeous backsplash for your range, best-looking one I've seen.

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Hi bee,

I'm not sure I understand your apprehension about cleaning stainless steel. My thinking is that it is among the easiest of materials of all to clean. That's why so many things in a commercial kitchen are made from it.

The downside to stainless is that is scratches pretty easily. Any metal does. Then again what more do you need aside from paper towels and a squirt of Simple Green? Tile is tough as all hell but you need to make sure it is properly sealed (tile and grout).

If you like the high SS backsplash I would not let cleaning worries dissuade you.


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Get SS backsplash with pattern.

Does not show streaks or minor scatches.

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