No-Name 2q Can Jar w/Lugs ID

wiilqDecember 16, 2013

Ah! Found this to be a 1910-30 Lightning Fruit Jar!
Thanks All!

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I don't know much about old jars, though can't resist blue glass when I find it. BUT just looking at that piece of patch-work it's sitting on made me INSTANTLY think of my Grandmother! She had 9 grand children, back in the day when a NAP was part of your day in kindergarten. She made each one of us a quilt (maybe 4X4) to take when we started school. She did a lot of sewing and any odds and ends were cut into squares... that became my job after a while. There was no rhyme or reason or PATTERN to her quilts, just couldn't have 2 pices of the same fabric touching.

Thanks for the memory!!

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That appears to be a half gallon fruit jar, and I'd guess likely an Atlas (Anchor Hocking) product. Those lugs are called bales. Bale closure jars are not necessarily older than those with screw type zinc lids. As far as I know one could still get bale jars clear until the 40s. I do not collect them, just a person who has canned their whole life and I've run into, and have my share of oldies. There are canning jar collectors, however, and some jars are worth a bit of coin, and it has to do with rarity, and not necessarily age. You should be able to find some websites for jar collectors who may be able to help more.

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That appears to be either a Ball or Drey made product jar ( meaning no raised company embossing on jar - just used a label ) These type of bosses (the round glass that the metal bail is attached to ) date from the 20's to around 1933. Better pictures of the base and neck area would help, also look closer at the body of the jar for very light embossing as the molds would often have glass fill in the embossed area's.

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