Bidet/washlet/advanced toilet seat questions

onewomanarmyFebruary 14, 2014

Hi -

After these high tech undercarriage care devices were brought to my attention here on GardenWeb, I've about decided that we're going to give one a shot when we remodel our bathroom. I've been researching them and have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone on here may be able to answer.

The two I'm looking at are the Brondell Swash 1000 and the Bio Bidet 1000.

1. I notice that the Swash lid is "sittable" while the BB doesn't mention this feature anywhere. In fact, I believe it mentions in the owner's manual that it's not meant for sitting on with the lid down. Does anyone own the BB that can tell me if it's truly not able to hold the weight of a person sitting on the lid? This cold be a deal breaker as the toilet is occasionally needed to function as a seat.

2. I believe you can control the deodorizer on the BB, but am not sure you can on the Swash. Can anyone with a Swash tell me if the fan is controllable at all or does it just run automatically. I'd like to be able to turn it off vs having to listen to it every time I sit down.

3. I saw on a comparison chart that the Swash has a nozzle sterilization (in addition to the self clean) - but don't see that the BB has anything but self clean. What does this sterilization amount too? The only think I can figure is that the water temp is cranked up and run through the cleansing cycle. Just curious.

4. Pressure. I've seen a few comments that the tankless seats don't have as much pressure. Is it still enough?

Anyone who can comment on the two in comparison, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are in general!


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1. I have the BB 1000, and no you can definitely NOT sit on it. Plastic is very thin

2. Didn't know fan was controllable. Honestly it is so quiet, you can barely tell it is on...non-issue in my opinion.

3. ??

4. What do you mean by pressure? Since the BB has a tank, can't comment on tankless. Pressure of water coming out of nozzle is adjustable, lots of pressure. I thought I would prefer a tankless, but there's enough warm water in there to get the job done. If it really needed more, only takes 2-3 minutes to warm up more...
Not worth the added expense for the very infrequent time/s you would need more warm water.

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I have a Brondell Swash 1000.

1. The lid is totally sittable, but I wouldn't stand on it.

2. The fan/deodorizer only turns on when you push button.

3. It has some sort of silver ion solution that it washes the wands with.

4. No problem with pressure! You can choose the pressure level. It does the job. I think if you wanted it more as an edema function like some of the seats do, then you might wish there was a bit more pressure.

Hope that helps!
Always ;-)

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I have the Bio Bidet 1000. After 4 years the seat (not lid) is cracking. Do NOT buy from Sanicare. The owner Robert is extremely rude and terrible to speak with.
I do like this bidet though.

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Thanks for all the information! After posting my questions, I started looking at the Bio Bidet 2000 as well, but am concerned about the quality of the Bio Bidets - especially if customer service is lacking!

Thanks to every one who took the time to respond - I'll add this info to my decision making process! :)

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I've had a BB1000 and a Toto 300 for several years. Maybe 5 or 6?

Both my wife and I prefer the BB1000. We both like the hand held remote. Very convenient.

The seat lid definitely is NOT to be sat or stood upon.

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I'm close to choosing my first toilet seat bidet. I'm considering these:
BB BLISS 2000, BB 1000, SWASH 1000, COCO Bidet 9500RS, Coway BA13, & TOTO 300 (with or w/out the 'e'--electrolized water, supposedly more sanitary).
1 Do I really need to buy an elongated toilet?? My toilet is round, & frankly, it feels nice and comfy to me. Mostly it's only myself, and sometimes my 4 yr old grandson, who'll use this toilet. Some say the round tsbidets are too small.
2 Does anyone have an elongated tsbidet on a round toilet?
3 Has anyone put a white tsbidet on a beige toilet? (Some tsb only come in white, so of course my toilet is beige!)
4 I'm wondering if the "Far Infrared dryers" offer better drying; if they're better than just warm air dryers for people with various 'unmentionable' problems; or if it doesn't matter at all. Or maybe they're all far infrared?
5 Some have a 'Splash Guard'. Do tsbidets squirt water (clean or yucky) from below the seat?
Thanks for any guidance!

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2 Does anyone have an elongated tsbidet on a round toilet?

I'm guilty of this. And it isn't quite right. I wanted to buy my Swash 1000 from Costco because I knew if it failed or we didn't like it, I'd have no grief returning it, but sadly they do not offer the round seat version and I didn't think the extra 1.5 inches would really make a difference.

It does. It looks great with the lid down, but funky when you open it - there's an open gap right at the front where the bidet is longer than the bowl. If I didn't love the bidet so much, I'd return it. My plan is to eventually just replace the toilet with an elongated bowl.

Also DH objects to the fact that the workings of the bidet take up space on the back side of the bowl, which apparently makes the target spot smaller.

It would be great if they could make a bidet that didn't occupy more space than a regular seat when open (and Costco would offer a round bowl version! ;-)

I still like it.

Always ;-)

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The Toto Washet s300e and s350e both come with a remote instead of only wall mount controls.

The owner's manuals states:

Do not apply strong force, mechanical shock, step on or stand on the toilet seat, toilet lid or main unit. Also do not place any heavy object on the toilet seat, toilet lid or main unit.
⢠Doing so could cause cracking or cause the main unit to come loose and fall resulting in injury.
⢠Doing so could damage the product and cause injury or water damage.
Do not lift up this product by the toilet seat or lid.
Do not raise the toilet seat or lid while objects are resting on top of the toilet.
⢠Doing so could cause the main unit to come loose and fall resulting in injury.

I would think this I true of most, if not all of the advanced toilet seats. It doesn't say "don't sit on the lid" because in that case weight would be more evenly distributed than standing on it.

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