Sonoma Tile OK in shower?

chgojudyinazFebruary 9, 2012

Has anyone had any experience with the Sonoma Star or Stellar series matte tile in a shower?

I am looking at using either the less expensive Star or their more expensive Stellar handmade matte tile in a bathroom -- wainscoting and shower. The tech page on their website says that the Star matte tile (and also their Market Collection matte tile) is prone to staining, but it does not say this for the Stellar line. This has me a little worried since the colors I like are a very light off-white -- pearl matte or oyster matte. Thanks!

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The owner of the house I'm in the process of buying installed Sonoma Stellar tiles in her shower (it's the only shower in the house) in 2010. It seems to be holding up fine and we'll be keeping it.

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annkathryn, thanks for your response. It looks from the picture, that you have gloss tiles, and since they are square, I'm guessing they might be from the Star line. It does look like new. I am concerned about how the matte tiles would hold up. Thanks.

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