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equest17February 15, 2013

I hope this isn't a breech of forum etiquette, but I received great input from both Bath and Home Decor, so I didn't know where to post. But then I read a complaint that people don't show finished photos here very often, so here goes.

We just finished a budget bathroom addition to our 1924 bungalow. We love our very original house and have been doing a (mostly) DIY full restoration for the past year and a half. But the house only had one small bathroom downstairs and we couldn't convert any of the existing rooms because of water supply and drain issues. So we hired a general contractor and had a gable addition put on the upstairs rear of the house for a “family bath” (it's essentially the master bath, but since it's off the hall, it can serve the other bedrooms, too). I designed the gable and layout and sourced/purchased all the materials and fixtures. To stay within our tight budget, I bought from eBay, Craigslist, and sales/clearance at the local big box stores. We also laid the floor and painted. As expected with any old house remodel, we had a number of snags and unexpected changes, but we're very pleased overall, especially given our budget constraints.

Unused attic space before:

And after:

And because my husband insists a bathroom needs privacy (although we are surrounded by 30 acres of pasture!), here's a night shot with the cafe curtains I hung.

When I can stomach the expense, I'd like to install top-down, bottom-up cellular shades, but these are cute and cheap for the time being. The room still lacks the Craftsman wainscoting, the matching lantern over the tub, a doorknob, shelves for the niche, and some accessories. But we're so excited and relieved to be at this point. There were days I thought it would never end, and nights I feared my vision had run amok. But the pangs are over and I would do it all again!

I regret not having more closed storage, but it wasn't an oversight. To preserve the symmetry of the house, we matched the gable addition to the existing front gable. That gave us a rather square room with lots of floor space in the middle and large triple windows. We couldn't bump a closet into the knee wall space on either side of the gable, and I couldn't figure out how to build one in and keep an attractive and functional arrangement of fixtures. The new toilet ended up 15” from the wall because of a floor joist, so I had that section of the wall furred out and a built-in niche framed. I plan to have doors made eventually, so that will hide the less attractive bathroom necessities. And our downstairs bathroom has a large, deep closet, so less used things will just be stored there.

My other big regret is the flooring choice. I don't like tile, and we wanted a wood look in keeping with the 3” pine throughout the upstairs. We've used luxury vinyl planks in a bathroom before and were very happy. But I was limited in choices this time because only one brand came in a narrow width. Novalis has 4” planks, while everyone else has 6”. I took a chance on the cheap Novalis, and I regret it. They scratch, burnish, and dent like crazy. And they have a grooved texture that holds the dust and dirt so I have to sweep with the “grain” to clean the floor. They seem to stick pretty well and were easy to install, but I won't use them again. Hopefully the worst wear and tear is over now that the workmen are done, but I'll have to live with all the flooring scars.

Here are the basics:

Vanities: St. Paul 36” espresso (special buy at Home Depot)
Tile: Merola cobalt and white basketweave for shower floor and niche; Lowes stock subway tile for field; Lowes clearance white chair rail and pencil liner for accents; Mapei Silver grout
Marble: Home Depot thresholds for niche shelving and shower curb
Faucets: Delta Victorian chrome shower and vanity faucets; Price Pfister Savannah floor mount tub faucet and risers
Tub: antique 1920's Kohler from local flea market, painted BM Hale Navy
Toilet: Danze Orrington
Lighting: clearance exterior lanterns from Lowes
Flooring: Novalis vinyl planks in Gunstock

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Wow - Your bath is amazing! We are currently working with an Architect to build a new dormer and install an upstairs bath - hopefully on a tight budget. What is the overall dimension of your new bathroom?

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Love, love, love it. I actually prefer the cafe blinds over celluar shades. How wide are the vanities. I have a 90 inch wall I assumed to put 1 long vanity, but like the look of 2. Job well done.

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Thanks so much Archie. The finished interior is 10'4" wide by 12'6" long. The ceiling is only seven feet high because the whole upstairs is that way and the new gable had to tie in at the original ridge line.

I don't necessarily recommend those dimensions, as it made layout difficult. The gable was actually suppose to be longer and narrower, but as the framers were cutting the rafters out, the back porch started to pull away because it wasn't attached like it should be. So the gable got about one foot shorter and one foot wider! It was built over existing load bearing walls downstairs (we happened to have three right below it), so we worked with what we had to keep the budget in check.

Thanks Motherof3. The vanities are 36" each (37" if you count the tops). I found a good deal and it was cheaper to use two than buy one big one. Also, I like that we can hang a hand towel in between at a convenient height and it not drag the countertops, and we'll also hide a trashcan in the middle. If money were no object, one double vanity with a furniture look would have given us more uninterrupted counterspace, but I didn't want to do a 60" and couldn't afford a 72".

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Great job! Looks very inviting! I love the fabric on the shower curtain and the wallpaper.

We are redoing a shower right now and will be using a shower curtain, do you find it difficult to keep the liner inside the curb when using the shower? I had my DH build the curb up an extra few inches to ensure enough of a "lip" to keep the liner in.

Did you buy one piece of marble for the threshold from Lowe's, or did you piece 2 together? I have not seen anything that long there, only 3ft.

Again...just beautiful!

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What a charming bathroom! My favorite part is that gorgeous old tub and the fact that you painted it blue! It's my favorite color and I love seeing it used so successfully in decorating.

Congratulations on sticking to your vision... and your budget. Enjoy!

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I remember your layout posts! So glad you came back with the pics. It looks fantastic! I love those great big windows, so pretty with all that natural light. You did a great job bargain hunting too, it all looks like it belongs there.

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Abfabamy, thanks. We should have built our curb up a bit more, but I wasn't thinking and had it installed 5 1/2" from the subfloor, which ended up about 3" from the shower pan once it was mudded and tiled. But I found a slightly longer shower liner (74" instead of 72" and it hangs to the inside with the fabric curtain sitting on the marble threshold, so it weighs it down enough. If we have problems down the road, I'll probably add some weights to the shower curtain hem.

The marble for the shower was from HD. They had to transfer it from another store because my local one didn't have it. I've attached a link below. We did have to piece it from two, with one little seam towards the back, and my tile guy polished a bevel on the long side because it only comes with one side beveled. But it was still much cheaper than a local remnant.

Thanks Tresuretheday and Williamsem. The blue tub in front of the big windows is my favorite part, too! Right up there with the antique balance scale I found on CL, so it's all grouped together.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble threshold

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Wow, that is a wonderful bathroom. Great job!

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Thanks Edie. I appreciate the compliment!

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Great job. It's just beautiful- I love the tub under the windows, and the tile is very pretty. You must be so happy!

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