Bosch refrigerator to get bundle discount?

EstimatedEyesFebruary 25, 2012

So we have decided to go with a Bosch induction cooktop and have found we can get pretty good package pricing if we also go with a Bosch dishwasher and refrigerator. Savings is about 1500 less than some of the mixed-brand options we're considering. (We are set on the American Range double oven which is why we need dishwasher + refrigerator to get the package discount).

I'm ok with a Bosch dishwasher because we have decided we don't want to spend extra for a Miele, but not so sure about the refrigerator. Was thinking SubZero or Liebherr (36" built in), but now considering switching to Bosch to get the discount. Price savings is substantial v. the SubZero but not so much v. Liebherr, but the Bosch does seems a little more substantial than the Liebherr (heavier doors). However, Liebherr seems to get better reviews.

Paralysis by analysis so I'm throwing it out to you ... thoughts on the Bosch v SubZ and Liebherr and does the discount tip the balance?

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Which Bosch exactly?

The built-in 36" French Door or 30" bottom freezer?

Or the freestanding models?

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36" built in. Wish Bosch had full door in that size but we can live with French door ( and it will match the French. door oven nicely too!)

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I would get the Bosch built-in and that discount.

IMO Liebherr makes the best compressors but both the Bosch and Liebherr FD are almost identical in energy use.

Liebherr bio-fresh safes/crispers are among the very best with Sub-Zero maybe a little better. Everybody has similar technology I just think Liebherr and SZ do it better. But Bosch is not way behind here.

As you have seen Liebherr bins,drawers,hinges are only mediocre.Bosch is much better here. Bosch sells their built-ins by selling "German Engineering" not "Made in Germany" label. They make the most critical electronic components in Germany and Austria with the remainder in Turkey. Some people freak out after spending so much money that their fridge is not made in Germany but Turkey.

I own a made in Germany Liebherr All-Fridge and a Gaggenau freezer made in that very same Bosch factory in Turkey.If you don't mind the made in Turkey label,I would get the Bosch and that discount.

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