NXR 30" or Jade 30" Dual Fuel

db6150February 11, 2013

Hello Everyone...

I've recently been browsing these forms, and they have led me to really focus on the NXR for a replacement range in my kitchen. I went to look at one today and was pretty satisfied with the product, for the price. The showroom, however had a Jade RJRD3010A 30" range that was a display model in perfect condition. He is willing to give me the Jade for $2900, about $800 than the NXR would cost me. I've done some research on Jade, but they don't seem to be as popular as the others. Do any of you here have any personal experience with them? Would it be worth it to me to spring for the Jade?

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Have no idea about the Jade, but can recommend the NXR.
For the under $2100 price point I don't think that any other range comes close.
I have no complaints about ours and would buy it again if I move from this house.

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Is this a current model or one made by Maytag?

Is there a warranty? Who will support that?

Here is a thread I found about finding a manual. Jade RJRD3010A

How many electronics on the electric oven? This can be very tricky if not a proven thing.

I would search this model number some more if you are interested still.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jade thread on gardenweb

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Nunyabiz1, I know you love your NXR and they do represent good value for the price, but there are several other ranges that are compelling "in" that price range.

For example, have you seen the latest Capital MCR304? Since the NXR would need to be ordered and shipped for most, the MCR304 can also be purchased from one of the big internet merchants for about $200 more and it comes with the center grates ( NXR center grates are option adding another $60-70). So the MCR304 looks like a bargain.... especially when compared to the more expensive Capital models, not too mention it has the same burners as the Pecision line and a much bigger oven.


Further more, an important factor for me is easy cooktop clean up. As far as I can tell, the NXR has at least 4 separate seems on the cooktop... a real trap for spill etc....The MCR304 looks ( I cannot confirm) like there are no seams on the cooktop.

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Did you really mean to say that a Capital Precision (MCR304) can be had for $200 more than the NXR? The NXR at Costco is $1999, shipping included. $2200 for a Capital Precision? AJ Madison and most places list the MCR304 at $3556 and up. The "appliance dude" in the you tube video claims to be selling them for $2900, which puts it at the price level of the Jade dual-fuel floor model that db6150 was looking at.

Mentioning seams on the top of the NXR suggests a cause for worry which turns out to be no big deal, so far. Visions of cleaning them out with toothpicks and toothbrushes, right? But, as has been noted in other threads, the seams are mostly covered by the burner grates when the stove is in use and most of us with NXRs find them easy to clean with a spray of cleaner (Windex, Pinesol, whatever) and wiping with a microfiber cloth. (Much easier to clean than my previous stove, a GE dual fuel with no seams but burner pans and shallow burner wells where things get baked on easily and then hard to scrub off.) There are numbers of threads where this aspect of NXRs get discussed.

But, back to the question about the Jade range. As wekick says, Jade/Dynasty was purchased by Maytag under the management who all but destroyed the Maytag brand. Jade was the commerical line, Dynasty was the residential "pro style" line when Maytag acquired the company in 1999. That all seems to have gotten blurred over the ensuing years When Whirlpool bought Maytag (in 2006), Jade/Dynasty was in serious trouble and Whirlpool sold it to the Middleby group. I kind of recall that Jade was run from some place in Illinois (Elgin?) but now is run from southern California. (Sounds like a neighbor to Duro, the company that owns the NXR brand.) Jade has been back for a few years in the commercial equipment line.

Last summer, when I was stove shopping, there did seem to be some Dynasty/Jade residential stoves, too, but I only found them at Dvorson's.

Jade/Middleby's own web site did not show any residential products. Dvorson's showed a 30" gas range but no dual fuel models.

Did a quick google search on the RJRD3010A and the first few pages of results were all hits on parts houses such as Sears PartsDirect.

Makes me suspect that the $2900 dual fuel might be a left-over from the bad-old days.

IIRC, there have been several mostly inconclusive threads on the line, the following being an example that turned up in a quick search here:


Middleby, btw, just acquired VIking so the future of Jade/Dynasty residential ranges may be in doubt.

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JW pretty covered what I was going to say as usual.
I have never seen any Capital selling for anything less than about $3400.
We bought our NXR for $1799 delivered.

As far the cleaning there are only 2 grates and the rest is very easy clean up, in fact the easiest stove top I have ever cleaned.

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Thank you all for putting in the time to respond to this... I've decided to grab the NXR 30" from Dvorson's. They've got a free shipping, LP conversion kit model with grates and he is throwing in a griddle for me for $2157. Thanks to all of the information on this site, I feel that going with the NXR is the best decision I can make within my budget. To put it simply, you all rock.

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A griddle? Or, are they throwing in the central grate? Only the 36" NXR has an option for a built in griddle.

Or, are they giving you a Chef-King griddle or equivalent? If so, cool.

Let us know how the propane conversion works out for you. I don't recall reading any write-ups on that aspect of the NXR.

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It is indeed a Chef King, the 14" x 23".

I'll post back here once we get the range in and installed and I have had some time to cook with it.

Thanks again everyone.

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I think I sound like a broken record, but we just bought a 30" DF GE Monogram. It's in those price ranges, super low simmer on all 4 burners, continuous grates, full size pots fit front and back same time, self clean, full extension racks. NXR gets great reviews, and I am sure is a great range.

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