'98 Mercury Villager power loss

Linda_IAJanuary 16, 2010

We have a 98 mercury villager 3.0 that had a loss of power for a few seconds then went back to normal. Timing belt and plugs changed 2,000 miles back. What could cause loss of power for short period of time? The engine light has never come on.

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Just wondering, has it displayed this symptom again since you first posted? There are really too many possibilities to attempt a guess on what happened. Guesses are a bad thing because it leads to people running out and buying things that all too often don't help solve the problem you are having with the car.

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Thanks for responding. No, this has not happened since, but had a few times before I posted. I understand how guesses are a bad thing.
Again, I thank you.

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Check to see if any trouble codes were set. If some are there, these are clues.

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