Deck & Siding cleaner in the windshield washer reservoir

marklevinson1January 18, 2006


So last night I come home from work and my wife tells me she accidentally put Deck & Siding cleaner in the windshield washer reservoir. Apparently the deck cleaner is also blue. I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey. Does anyone know if it has a drain on the bottom for the windshield washer reservoir? Do I need to find a way to pump it out or do I just leave it in there as it also makes a great window cleaner (as well as a great paint remover).



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Sight unseen you will have to spend much time under the hood removing many components attached with awkwardly placed bolts and fasteners of one sort or another so you can lift the reservoir out and dump it and clean it out.

After all that one presumes your wife will be- uh-- will be -uh ---well she'll be extra wifely.

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Maybe you could use her turkey baster to suck it out?Or better yet use a hand siphon.Like used to fill a Kerosen heater and pump it out.Then fill with water and do it again a few times?

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Unattach one of the pressure lines and feed it back to your well labeled siding cleaner bottle.
But even this will not be may have to cut the line and splice in a nipple....

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Depending what's in it, you may not want it running through the lines at all. I agree with using a siphon or bulb type hand pump to suck it out, then flush out with water a few times. Refill with washer fluid.

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Just suck out all you can with a baster or whatever then an overflowing flush with a garden hose for a minute or three.

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