Any clear glass vessel sink owners?

joaniepoanieFebruary 26, 2012

Are they harder to keep clean than a white sink? This would be for a powder room used everyday by 2 adults, guests maybe once a month....

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A couple of years ago there was a poster who had two of them in their main bath. One day while entertaining some guests, one literally exploded and sent shared glass everywhere; I think it even damaged the shower door. She wasn't the first or last person to have that happen, just the one I remember the most. If you do a search on the web about it, I'm sure you'll find articles that talk about it but I would encourage you to find a sink that's made out of a different material.

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I posted here a while ago about my new, hand blown glass sink (which cost an arm and a leg) cracking. It didn't explode, but cracked when I was running the hot water (and my hot water isn't unusually hot). I chose many of the features in the bath to coordinated with it, so I was really bummed (it wasn't clear, but an aqua green with copper wash).

Contractor and plumber said they installed carefully/correctly; manufacturer/artist said it was incorrect but wouldn't give me details as to what could have been done wrong. Offered to sell me another one at "cost" which was still an "arm" in $$, plus he wouldn't install it to ensure it was correct. As I tried to work something out with him, he quit returning my emails.

My contractor offered to pay for a new one, but I don't feel right about that because maybe it was just an accident, one of those things that happens and no one is to blame. My guy is a one person operation who has done impeccable work for me, so it doesn't seem fair, especially since it was so expensive. I am now shopping for a ceramic/china or porcelain sink and my contractor will pay to have it installed.

So I wouldn't recommend glass of any kind.

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joanie-We have a clear glass one with 2 goldfish etched into it. I do not find it anymore difficult to clean than my other white sinks. I use Scrubbing Bubbles in it once a week, rinse, wipe down exterior of bowl, then run a dry towel around the inside and outside to dry. For everyday use, we don't do anything different than with a regular white sink--wash your hands, dry your hands and walk out. I actually think ours probably hides more than a white sink-- because it's clear you really only notice the goldfish & the counter underneath (our counter is emerald pearl granite).

I had read on GW about the 2 instances listed above and did additional research & talked with our plumber & plumbing supply house about it. From what I found, generally the problem is with install--the drain is attached too tight and puts too much stress on the sink. Also, if proper mounting hardware including mounting rings with silicone or rubber bumper aren't used, it can also lead to undue stress on the sink. I would make sure you talk with several different plumbers and ensure that whoever you select has had significant experience at installing vessel sinks-especially glass ones.

Here's our sink:

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mydreamhome, that is a beautiful sink in what looks like a gorgeous bath. More pics?

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Thanks for the compliment olychick. It's in our powder room. We ended up putting white river rocks with a few glass beads here and there under the sink to make the goldfish show up better. We had hoped that the emerald pearl granite would make it look like the fish were swimming in a pond or river. However after install, we realized they needed a lighter color underneath to make them show up, so we tried to make it look like a river/creek bed with the rocks. It's hard to get a good picture in there as the space is so tight, but hopefullyu these will do. I didn't show the toilet, but it is the new Kohler Wellworth. Here you go--

Here is a link that might be useful: New Kohler Wellworth

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mdh..gorgeous, thanks! love what you did with the river rock, too. So creative and the perfect solution.

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