2009 Ram

christopherhJanuary 16, 2008


This is the 2009 Ram. It's what's coming to the showrooms, not the concept.

I own both a Dodge and a Ford. I have seen both the '09 F150 and the Ram. Ford is gonna have it's hands full as the new F150 isn't as nice as the current one.

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with gas prices climbing, their going to have to pull out all the stops to keep selling these things. the company i work for used to buy 1/2 ton pickups for our fleet vehicles, and now their changing them out for sedans, and hhr wagons. i figure if our techs can get by on construction sites without full size pickups, then most everyone else can. that has to be a worry to the companys building them.

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I can't pull my 16 foot cargo trailer full of crafts with an HHR.

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You must sell a lot of Crafts to be able to pull that 16 foot trailer.I was a hobby crafter a few years back during the big trend.It did not even pay for my time yet alone gas to get to the shows.The problem I had was all the buyers wanted something for nothing and my time was not worth a dime.

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I am a full time craft exhibitor. I do between 35 and 40 craft shows a year. Many are 3 day shows. We do the shows in VT, NH, MA, ME, CT, NY, NJ, MD, PA, and DE. I have a product I can mass produce and have sold over 35,000 pieces in the last 10 years at an average price of $25.

There are many exhibitors in this business making 6 figure incomes. But they have 38 foot goose neck race car trailers towed by F350 crew cab dually diesels. And they travel up and down the east coast following the weather.

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