changing upper an lower balljoints

countrytodamaxJanuary 6, 2008

I have an 1989 ford f-150 4x4, need to replace the upper an lower ball joints. Not sure on how to start this project

or even if I want to. Could I get some advice on the repair?



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First off, I am not an expert on your truck so I don't know the exact details for yours.

Whether or not you want to do this depends on how handy you are and how many tools you have. I believe on Ford trucks they're pressed in. You'll need a socket set, torque wrench, pickle fork, snap ring pliers, and 2 lb hammer at a minimum. It would be real helpful if you also have an air wrench, air grinder or cutoff wheel, and an air chisel, vise or hydraulic press. The basic process is to jack up the vehicle and support it by jack stands by the frame. Remove the wheel, brake caliper and rotor. Support the suspension with your jack and remove the nut to the upper ball joint. Use the pickle fork to separate the ball joint from the steering knuckle. Mark cams and spacers so the alignment doesn't end up miles off. Remove whatever you have to in order to remove the upper control arm...probably just a couple nuts or bolts. Do the same thing with the lower control arm. There's probably a snap ring to remove that insures the ball joints stay in place in the control arms. Press out the old ball joints by whatever means you have, big hammer, vise, press, ect. Press in the new ball joints and reinstall the snap rings. Put your truck back together reversing that process. Take your truck ASAP to a shop for alignment.

That's my guess. There maybe more details for yours that I have no way of knowing without seeing it. You can look at yours and tell if those instructions look correct.

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